All Diabolo Puppets are designed and hand made by Steven Barkley in Laval Quebec, Canada.
The Diabolo puppets are colourful, funny, and imaginary creatures. Our puppets are soft, lightweight and easy to use.

Diabolo puppets have soft fleece mouths with built-in squeakers that are fun and surprising so even a 3 year old can make them "talk". Their malleable faces are flexible and very expressive-a feature that puppeteers ages 3 and up can really appreciate. Just put one on your hand and "squeak-squeak" it comes to life.

Move your hand and fingers to create facial expressions. Make your puppet scrunch up its mouth, swallow its lower lip or upper lip, laugh, eat, cry, squeak and be just plain goofy as you play. A little imagination is all you need for hours of fun.
Diabolo Puppets has been awarded the highest level rating (three stars) from the Canadian Toy Testing Council.This demonstates excellence in all areas of function, design, durability... and most importantly, play.
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